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im male and going to eith grade?

how could i be really populary from the first day of the year to the end so i can get girls to notice me?

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    From your spelling I'd say the best for you is to get an education.

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    There are 2 paths you can choose.

    1) You can be noticed for being a jerk, but then there are people who will justifiably hate you.

    2) You can be a nice person. Still some will hate you for not being the jerk they want you to be so they can feel better than you, but eventually they'll drop to the side. People will try to get you to do stupid things so they can feel better about the stupid things someone else got them to do.

    So, let me put this question to you: Do you want "the girls" to notice you for being stupid or for being unique and avoiding the same stupid caveman routines?

    It'd be nice if the title of the question were in the form of a question, especially if you're going to put a question mark at the end of it. Here's my suggestion:

    "How can I make friends in the 8th grade?

    "I want to be popular all year long...I'm concerned about girls noticing me."

    LOL Stanleys ragging on you for misspelling eighth and then spelling "than" "then."

    The most scientific thing to do is to go with what the girls/young women here say.

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    Well, I would advise you to learn how to spell correctly and combine words together to form coherent sentences.

    I don't care how "populary" you are, you won't get **** if you can't even spell "eighth" correctly.

    Ah but I forget that adolescent females get wet for illiterate bastards in this day and age.


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    lol why do you care about what others think about you.i just finished 8th grade and it was a little stressing but i didn't care what anyone think of me.i only worry about myself.but i was there and i know how you feel.but first things first(DO NOT TRY TO BE SOMEONE YOUR NOT AND DON'T FORGET ABOUT me i know.ok wear nice clothes and shoe' Dicky's clothing if there is school uniform rules.ok and to rap it up,when someone ask you if they can copy your homework then say this(why is it that i have to do it for you to copy it?)ok one more thing,don't ignore girls.if they ask you a question or wants to tell you something or say hi to you then say hi back or help them or talk to them.thats what makes you and the girls cool with each other and then it will be easier to get your own girl.hope i helped.

    Source(s): just passed 8th grade moving on to the high!!
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    I notice guys when they're doing something they're really good at. Like...the guy I like right now. He is VERY good at the cello and everyone talks about how good he is at it and that is how I noticed him!!!

    Art gets exhibited in art shows, amazing athletes are in school newspapers, good-grade-getting-nerds are on the honor role... Just do what you're good at! Guarenteed you'll get noticed by someone :]

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    depends on which girls you're trying to attract.

    i'm going to the 10th grade.

    so i've learned that there's always going to be that group of girls that totally hates the guy that everyone loves.

    its the 21st century, girls aren't really into just the top jock anymore. today, teens are so diverse that you can't just have everyone love you, because there's someone that disagrees.

    best advice: be yourself (sounds cheesy, i know) because if you end up going out with a girl because she thinks you're someone else, and she finds out who you really are, things may not work out so well.

    oh! and we love compliments & smiles :)

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    be yourself

    be confident

    and most importantly be nice to everyone even the really ugly girls who you know have a crush on you but your not interested in!

    it sounds basic but its true, the most popular guy at my school is only there because he is everyones friend

    if you act like your cool and better then everyone else people will hate you.

    but stay true to yourself because if you pretend to be something your not to get in a high place you'll end up looking like a fool when your found out.

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    haha, i was in the same situation at the beginning of my senior year. what i did was i got really good at dancing and i started to perform in front of the whole school and everything. that's how people knew me. but make sure you dress nice and don't dress sloppy. if you aren't popular right now, it's kinda hard to do it unless you have some popular friends. just start talking to girls man and you'll get girls talking to you.

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    You don't need to be popular just for girls to notice you. Trust me on that. You can still be noticed even if you're not popular.

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    learn to spell

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