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How much storage can I get for my PSP?

Are there any other methods of storage than a 16 GB memory stick?

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    umm i have a 57gb mem. stick :| i dont know what you talkin about

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    There is something out there, an adapter called PhotoFast Card Adapter.

    Stumbled over this gadget which makes external harddrives for PSP pretty much obsolete. Taiwanese based company Photofast offers an adapter that can hold up to 4 SDHC memory cards, totalling in 32 GB storage for your PSP! Combine 2x 8GB SDHC in 1 of their Dual Slot adapters and double that!

    They also announced that it could soon go up to 64 GB max. storage!! But that's not official news, one of the sales guys leaked that through... He also said that they continually implement Sony's latest standards in order to keep their products compatible with any Sony device. Should be a pretty safe bet if that's true. Besides that, using their MS Pro Duo adapter CR-5300 saves you quite some bucks since SDHCs are much cheaper than Sony's official memory sticks.

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