Camera memory card help?

I need to buy a memory card for my new camera as it only has about 11MB internall memory, and the only ones that i can use are:

SD memory card

SDHC memory card

Multimedia card

multimedia card plus

So i was wondering which would be the best one to use as I'm a bit clueless on the whole matter! thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Forget the internal memory. It's useless. You should buy an SD memory card (available in capacities up to 2GB), or SDHC (available in capacities of 4GB and higher).

    For general day to day use, a 2GB SD card makes a good minimum capacity.

    Make sure it's at least a Class 4 or Class 6 card. I recommend Sandisk Ultra II or Extreme III. They're very popular, super fast, reliable and very cheap to buy these days...

    Make sure you always Format a brand new card and everytime you need to delete ALL images from the card.

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