Real or Imaginary?

one of my guilty pleasures is buying those little incest story books from the sex shop, they really turn me on. that being said its just fantasy, would never ever acutally do such things. I seem to be in the minority all my friends that do fantasize, do it about things they hope to really happen. I've always kinda been- let reality be reality, and let everything else be fantasy, looks like you would get the best of both worlds. anyways im the only one that seems to think that around here. is there a right or wrong answer to this? should we only fantasize about things we really do want to happen in real life?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    no fantasy is just that a fantasy.

    its ok to act out fantasies if you want to, but some are just better kept as fantasies.

    dont worry you are fine, just enjoy it!

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