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What do you think about McCains latest commercials?

My two cents... Comparing Britney Spears and Paris Hilton to Obama (Clearly attacking his personality and not key issues!), Blaming Obama for high gas prices and commercials hinting that Obama canceled a troop visit to go to the GYM, are all ridiculous claims that simply make McCain look like Obama is getting the best out of him and he has to resort to "dirt"! Theres no substance there! Its like hes reaching for anything to put Obama down...

He should fire everybody in his campaign! Is that the best they can do!? Pretty silly, Americans are smarter than that... I really dont know what makes them think, those silly ads will work!!

Come on! How can anybody compare Obama with Paris and Britney!?? Its laughable!! LOL!

I dont think anybody saw that commercial and went...

"OMG! Its true! Obama, Paris, Britney! I see the similarities! Im glad this commercial is shedding light on an issue I saw months ago!" LOL!

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    Pitiful desperation from a boring old stale war monger angry that he can't even fill up a town hall, might get greeted by one reporter getting off his plane...................if you have nothing new to offer then attack his opponent personally and that's what he has done.

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    I think they will accomplish what McCain wants and that's to show Obama is a flash in the pan that talks and looks pretty but has no substance. Obama enjoyed an 8 point bump for his overseas trip but like many thought he is coming back down and will settle dead even with McCain again...right where he was before he went. I read an article the other day written by a political analyst, in it he wrote with Bush's dismal approval rating Obama should be a minimum of 20 points ahead of McCain and if he isn't there is a very real possibility Obama could lose to McCain.

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    It's the latest desperate attempts of a man who is very clearly losing. If nothing else it only solidifies the appearance that McCain really is GW2 in that he can't state his real stance on the issues without alienating his voter base in the case that his opinions may differer from the conservative/Republican agenda. Standing in line with that agenda makes his policies the same as this failed administration. I respect Senator McCain and I think that he would have made a great Democrat.

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    HAHAHAHA! Britney and Paris, I get it.

    People have been comparing Obama to a rock star and American Idol for months. What's the deal? Still haven't come up with a good retort?

    And the main thing is, EVERYBODY is talking about it. A simple inexpensive ad is generating tons of buzz.

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    Anyone who is not blinded by the media hysteria over Obama understood the commercial...It's all hype and no substance. This ain't "dirt"...its true.

    Obama's star is burning too hot to last much longer. Enough grownups will see that he is not prepared to make the decisions that have to be made.

    I just love that the oppositon always screams "dirty politics" when they are called out. Bet ya that Obama already has attack ads ready to roll! Don't be offended, it's just the way it is.

  • I like McCain thats who I'm voting for but the commercial was pretty silly.

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    It's too bad McCain decided to defame Britney and Paris with this comparison. LOL

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    He's insulting Paris and Britney by comparing them to Obama.

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    If the shoe fits wear it,

    What is really bad is when a candidate has to continuously jump bandwagons to be on the "winning team" to get votes, and his followers are too ignorant to see.

  • Obama gets 89 % of his campaign $ from " undisclosed" locations in the middle east...I encourage you to check it out.

    New York Times...6/29/08...mareen dowd...really, check it out.

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    Retarded someone is going to get fired this week.... Why would you show Obama in front of thousands of people whom many of are holding American flags?????

    Someone explain this strategy...

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