My g/f is trying to pressure me into sex, I'm still a virgin. what do i do?

ok, well im 17 and shes older than me. we've been dating for about 14 monthes now and she wants to have sex. shes not a virgin, but i am. she keeps asking and asking and i keep saying no, cause i dont wanna loose it yet. i really love her but i feel if i keep denying her, shes gonna break up with me and i dont want that to happen cause like i said, i really love her.

any advice?

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    Christian, I want to shake your hand. You have a higher standard than a lot of other guys, and that is somthing that impresses me. If she keeps pressuring you, you can try telling her this (pick one you like or use one that you are more comfortable with) Believe it or not, these are serious answers

    ==>OK, but I'll have to ask my mom and dad if it's ok if we do it in my room.

    ==>OK, but I'll need to ask your dad if he minds us doing it

    ==>if you really love me, then you will respect my feelings. This is not what love is, and I am not going to have sex with you or anyone else until we are married

    ==>i'm not ready for physical love yet, and if it is that important to you that you can't wait, then you need to find another boyfriend.

    Bottom line is that she is trying to get you to compromise your feelings/morals, and you need to face the fact that telling you that she is going to leave you over this should tell you what her priorities are.

    I'm 24, and I'm still a virgin too. You've come this far; wait until you are ready. It's ok, and i think you are more of a man to wait until you are ready.

  • 4 years ago

    nicely, so some distance as breaking apart with him, do no longer answer his telephone calls or textual content fabric messages, unfriend hm on facebook and submit which you're dumping him. If he won't take the hint, take a seat and have an prolonged communicate with your mom approximately this guy and tell him what he's making an attempt to do to you. Technically speaking what he's doing is tried rape, nonetheless it may be puzzling to teach that for the duration of court docket. in case you have a competent relationship with your mom, she ought to have the flexibility that may assist you thru this. don't be afraid to admit what got here approximately the two. it is going to likely be ok. you may get via this. sturdy luck kiddo. bill

  • Woods
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    Apparently neither of you understand what love is. Maybe you understand it more so than she, but still......

    Just remember that if you give it away, it's not yours anymore to give to the girl you'll marry someday. And if something happens and this girl isn't "the one" then you'll have to face another girl with the fact that you didn't wait on her.

    Besides, if your beliefs are this strong and your g/f's aren't, is she the person you want to spend a lifetime with? She might be awesome, but the values you have certainly sound different.

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    Ask her why she needed sex soooo much. If she only loves you because of sex, it's useless.

    Remember, LOVE IS PATIENT. If she's not patient with you, might as well give her the time out or BREAK. And if I were you, I would break our relationship.

    It is great to keep your virginity.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah I would break up with her if she can't respect you decision when you say no. And good going for you, takes a lot of courage for a man to admit that about himself.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Love is not contigent on sex. If she's the one and really loves you then she'll respect you. It's natural for her to keep asking, but stick to your guns and wait until your ready.

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    Tell her no, say to her that you really love her and if she can't take no as answer its her problem, Tell her that when you want sex you'll let her know!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well if you feel so strong about her then am sure she feels the same way, just wait until you think is right, dont feel pressured to do things you dont want to, if she loves you, she will wait. and its good that you wait. : )

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    You do whats best for you. if you don't want to do it, then don't. If she loves and respects you enough then she will be willing to wait until your ready. If she isn't willing to wait, then she isn't the one for you :)

    Good luck :) Its really good to see someone who wants to hold onto their virginity for as long as possible :)

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    you sound real sweet and like a good guy. but don't have sex with her if you don't want to, trust me wait until your ready.

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