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guys..if a girl is pretty but has afew flaws on her face, would you still be attracted to her?

just wondering if every little detail on a girls face matters to guys..e.g hair, & skin blemishes? ( not like warewolf hair & acne )

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    does she have 2 legs, 2 arms, 2 breasts, 2 eyes etc.

    unless she has major deformity I don't see why guys woldn't find an attraction.

    Attraction is so often based on confidence, personality, etc.

    everyone has a blemish or two ocassionally.

    The media we see has everyone so 'made-up' and or airbrushed- society forgets skin is a living, moving organ

    that reacts to the environment and what is ingested into the

    Body. Relax or suggest your friends too.

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    I have a couple of peers who're with larger ladies in longer term relationships. For essentially the most side, whilst requested to explain their colossal different, "tremendous lady" is not the very first thing that comes out in their mouths. There's no denying that bodily appeal performs an fundamental side in courting and relationships, however to what quantity does that bodily appeal come into play? Personally? I feel a good dressed, shrewd tremendous lady with an approachable persona is extra lovely than a poorly dressed, thin lady who has an uncongenial persona and appears like she demands to have a burger or 5.

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    Not every single detail but a pretty face/smile is a must! How about posting a pic?

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    well i usually dont care but the guys i hang out with are picky. like most guys care if they even have one zit or if they are a blonde and they have to be hot. but i am attracted to alot of girls and i think more guys should.

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    it depends.

    is it a fat mole?

    or a freckle or two?

    something like a little scar or a couple freckles is ok

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    Why not. sometime beauty doesn't matter much

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    yes why not?

    is not all about the face.....

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    it is hard to answer

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