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Period coming soon?

Hi! I just had my baby boy 06/10/2008. I had him by C-Section, after 3.5 hours of pushing. Its been 7 weeks, but no period. I've been getting crampy like for maybe 3 weeksish now, but still nothing. I want to start b-control, but can I start it before my period comes? I breastfed for 1 week, then had to stop. My milk has pretty much dried up now, but I still get the occasional leakage if I don't wear a bra w/ a t-shirt. I have had sex twice, but we used a condom. Thanks!

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    well first off congrats!

    think about it this way. it took you nine months to get your body ready for delivery. dont expect your body to get back to normal this soon. rest and give your body time. if you dont get your period in three more weeks and your worried then you should call for a checkup. i would say its hormones. and it will have to level off at first. i remember having my period after thre months in fact i didnt think anything of it. i was told the same thing i told you from my dr.

    good luck

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