Facebook eligibility?

My cousin used my laptop recently to try out facebook. however, she logged out of my account to do that. i have not signed it with a password for so long that i cannot remember my email or my password.

i want to create a new account now. however, facebook does not allow me. it says that i'm ineligible. why is this so? when i signed up for facebook, it was two years ago, with my real birthdate.

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    1 decade ago
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    the reason why it probably wot let you is becuase if you have the same e-mail as you did bk then and then you forgot your info its still got emal stored onto there system so you will either have to make an alterative email adress to let you register, but it depends how old you were at the time if yo were say 11 they wont let you make another one becuase it is still on there system that your undersage so i would go on like msn or sumthing and registe with a new email nd then make a new accoutn so it will let youu..

    hope this helps (:


  • 1 decade ago

    ell the reason it is saying this is,because tou already have an active account,and the email and password you want to use are probably the same as the old ones.

    Or it could be that you are entering the exact same info as the old facebook.

    What you really need to do,is not create a new one,just simply email facebook,tell them your situation,and then give them all the info you can remember that was on the profile,like exact name,networks,birthdate,and important things like that,and they should email you your email and password.

    They deal with that same problem daily.

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