What's the population of people with learning disability in the US?

I know we'll never know for sure, but I would like to see the statistics. I get the feeling that learning disability is rare since I'm always the only one with learning disability around people. People have told me "no one can be born this weird and stupid" which tells me they're ignorant or they don't understand people like me.

From Kindergarten to high school, I was always the only one with a learning disability in class. At work in the past, people acted as if they never saw or met anyone like me. They would avoid giving me guidance or accommodation. They thought I was on drugs due to my poor speaking skills and my inability to do the job properly.

Please show me the statistics that are nearly accurate from reliable sources.

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    1 decade ago
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    The US Census does not separate out learning disability so there are no accurate, reliable national sources. There are pockets of information - like how many college students or how many people receiving welfare in Kansas have learning disabilities.

  • You might want to ask various learning Disabilities associations or organizations if they might have some statistics.

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    It would be hard to put any percentage on this question...Its like asking what percentage of people are disabled???

    As far as i am concern were all disabled in one way or another...so would say 100 percent....

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    1 decade ago

    too many...

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