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Help with De Quervain's tenosynovitis?

I've been diagnosed with de quervains tenosynovitis of my right wrist about 2 months ago. I have been on anti inflammatory medication, been to an orthopedic surgeon and to an occupational therapist, I have a thumb immobilizer splint, I have done ice/heat and is still bothering me and I am growing impatient. Has anyone had this condition and how long does it last?????? Any treatments I havent tried? I've been told by my surgeon about high risk of side effects from an injection into the joint and do not want surgery.

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    Injections are risky because the doctor might accidentally hit the radial nerve which is superficial at the same site of inflammation.

    I'm sorry but there's no medical procedure that's been proved to accelerate healing other than splinting and PT exercises.

    Good luck- Muslima

    Source(s): PT student
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    Your doctors are obligated to tell you the possible side effects of anything to save themselves from law suits.

    I have had wrist, elbow injections with success and no side problems.

    Obviously, you have done what they have told you and it is not working. I understand your impatience, but you can be helped. You may need to be a little more demonstrative in your discussion with the doctor.

    You may want to ask them about a Medrol Pack, it is a 6 or 10 day Rx of prednisone tablets taken daily in decreasing doses.


    The injection is also still an alternative.

    Some times, with the initiation of a new regime it is best to keep the area quiet and not exercise, giving the inflamed area time to respond to the medication.

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