How do you know what sixe profile tires to buy for 14 inch rims?

I have a 2002 Honda civic and just purchase 14 inch rims. I need to know what size high profile tire to purchase to fit the rims and the car. This is my first time purchasing high profile tires and I am clueless. The recommended tire is R15/85/50 (i think), Do high prifile tires come in numbers like that as well? Plz tell me the best recommended high profile tire so i can start looking for deals on tires so i can get my rims installed.

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    185/65/r14....why did they tell you r15/85/50....the r is for the rim size...the the 85 is for the tread .. and the 50 is for the profile....and you have a 14 inch rim yet they told you to get a 15 inch tire....????..they most be noobs....the tire size i mentioned is the oem size that honda gave out to the 90's civics...but if you wanted good all around tire size...go with 195-55-r14...and its your choice on the rating of the tires...but just remember that the higher the rating the better grip youll have but the faster the tire will wear down...

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    A Honda civic comes with a 14 inch rim, and I measure it from the bed of the rim as explained before, now this car came with 13/175/65 tires how could that be? unles the guy changed the whole thing downsizing to a 13 inch rim. I repeat I have measured the rim and it shows 14. I am tempted to try and pay just to verify that a 13 inch tire may fit into a 14 inch rim. Please drop the sarcasm, people ask ¨silly questions¨ out of ignorance and so what!!

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    r15/205/50 is about a 1/2" taller than a r15/185/50, it should be okay for your car if you car requires that size. a higher profile tire in that rim size is going to scrape the strut housing or the wheel wells ceiling if you hit and deep groove or hole in the road. if you want higher profile and to be safe, you need to go down to a 14" size rim and get r14/185/60(65). the profile heigth adds softness to the ride but handling will slightly suffer.

  • wow those are some little rims! U should've of got some 18's with the low profile tires, they are also cheaper when u buy them together. i bought mine (all chrome) for $900 and now i have alluminum ones that were $650 (they installed them too)... i have a 96 civic, it looks sick with bigger rims!! little rims are out dated...sorry

    Source(s): btw when i looked at some tires, they recommended 175/70/14 for the low profile. the best thing to do is either take 1 rim with you when shopping for the tires, so they can take a look at it, or if ur doing it online, just make sure they say "14" available" or "fits 14" rim"
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    Low Profile Tires 14 Inch

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    I don't know why you would get such small rims for a new car, but check sites like, you can search for tire sizes by rim size.

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    i would try 195/55

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