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Hey guys i need lots of traffic to my website.Do you guys have any idea how i can make it more appealing.

and also do you guys know any good sites that bring lots of traffic to your site.

Thanks in advance

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    There are a lot of ways of getting lots of traffic to your website:

    1. Content: a relevant keyword optimized content will get indexed by Search Engines and place your site in Search engine results for specific keywords and thus attract traffic.

    If the content is good enough, many people will refer it by linking to it for reference (RSS feeds). this will create backlinks to your site and will further improve search engine raking.

    2. Search Engine Optimization: aside from content (which is also a part of SEO), there are also other ways to improve search engine rankings and thus traffic. Some of them are optimizing site structure by siloing, optimizing scripting, optimizing internal links, optimizing metatags, headers and anchor texts, using sitemaps, etc.

    3. Social Media SEO: getting backlinks from bloggers, from forum posts, online directories, how to sites, etc.

    There are actually a lot more options (too many to list and explain here). Feel free to contact me so i can be of further help.


  • mcstir
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    1 decade ago

    Article marketing and blogging are free and very useful. If you write an informative article that provides good information and then in the resource box you are allowed to add your links. If people read your blog and/or article, then they will be inclined to click on your links.

  • 1 decade ago

    include search engine tags within your pages' code

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