What is the best shipping solution for a small business?

I've researched Stamps.com, Pitney Bowes, Endica, UPS, but I am still unsure. Stamps.com is more expensive but they seem to be more straight-forward about their fees.

I go to the post office 6 times a week, mailing 5-15 packages. The post office is only 5 minutes away but it adds up as far as gas goes.

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    Unless you have UPS or some other service actually pick up the packages at your office, you're still going to have to make a trip to the post office. Were you aware that you can actually pay for postage and print labels through usps.com?


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    You say, going to the PO 6 times a week at 5 minute per trip does add up.

    While that's a reasonable statement you need to remember that by using the post office over a courier service, delivery cost are lower.

    Yes maybe the customer is paying these delivery cost.

    If so you need to understand that by adopting a new method in place of post office you are raising the cost of doing business with you, yet you wont earn any extra income.

    If you lost just a single customer, will the lost profit be greater than the saving you made by not leaving the office for 20 minutes a day?

    (I have allowed 5 minute trip each way then 10 minutes parking and time used inside the post office)

    While you remain in the office will that extra 20 minutes a day be used to generate extra income to offset the loss?

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    We have our post picked up by the Post Office.

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