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Do i need to pay natonal insurance if i havnt been working....?

I have got a bill in for £200 off the natnal insurance tax office, my dad said i dont need to pay it because i havnt been working in the time they said i need to pay for that about of years that i havnt been working at all. do i need to pay it or not. i sent a letter sayinf i dont need to pay it, but its been a month now and still no reply! help!


i think so.

Update 2:

it said if i dont pay ill get find £2000

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    No payment of this is volunatary, if you don't pay it your stamp will be shrt for that tax year and this will affcet your entitlement to certain welfare benefits like Incapacity and ultimately affect the amount of state pension you will recieve. HMRC are only offering you the choice of paying it so that your NI record is complete for thhe year, whether you pay it or not is up to you

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    is it a bill for class 2 national insurance contributions.?

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