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For kicks! Lyrics that drove you NUTS until you found out what they were REALLY singing?

I was just answering a question about the lyrics in "Blinded by the light" and thought about the part in the song that gets repeated over and over and over, "Wrapped up like a douche into the roller in the night".....of course I know that's not the right lyrics but you know what I mean. Then there's the famous Doobie Brothers China Grove song lyric, "..well the preacher and the teacher, ummmmmmmmm, they are the talk about town...." and Fleetwood Mac's Sara lyric, "...and I knew it. And I knew it...I knew they were lezzies, I knew they were lezzies"(one of my lesbian friends swore for years that this "PROVED" that Stevie Nicks was a lesbian! She STILL sings it like that to this day)!

So you "get it". Anyone else have any that drove them nuts?

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    In 500 miles at the end of the chorus it sounds like they are screaming "CARMEN ELECTRA-CARMEN ELECTRA!!" then I can't get it out of my head for the rest of the day.

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    Haha, a few days ago my sister and her boyfriend were debating the lyrics of Blinded By The Light... "What the hell is a wrapped up douche roller in the night?"

    Um... Let's see... Weezer's song My Name Is Jonas... Everyone kept saying "The hookers are going home." =/

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    She bop by cindy lauper~ i use to sing that song when i was like 10 (never did i know that it was about girl on girl) and frankie goes to hollywood's song relax is about male masterb.....well you know the rest;how embarrasing it is to know what they really meant and were saying

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