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i am going to 8th grade and need girls advice?

what kind of stuff do i say to be funny around girls wich boys made u laugh with... if its jokes then what mkind of jokes are they to make girls laugh?

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    Cute jokes.......... no rude or racist jokes.

    And be yourself.

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    You don't need jokes to make a girl laugh!

    I'm going into 8th also, so I know what I'm talking about.

    Believe me, Be yourself, Try not to get on thier nerves though. Smile alot! Have confindence, Girls love it.

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    in 8th grade girls are self-conscious so make sure you first give them attention and talk to them. then if you want to make jokes, teasing is always funny. not too mean, but just make fun of them a little and show that you're joking and they'll laugh and tease you back :]

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    it pays to just be you because people can tell if you are phony or trying to hard....if you want to be that person thats funny or outgoing start talking a little bit more before you even get to 8th can talk about anything, just be yourself! and you will be ok honey.

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    juss act normal, don be arrogant, greet the chics, and you can joke but limit your blonde jokes don't ever mention then because blonde girls will think you're a hypocryte. in general juss be nice to everybody

    ....good luck...

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    First, your grammar is horrible for an 8th grader. Second, I think what you are looking for is a pickup line.. which those always fail.

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    How about u get a life? ha ha ha, well, i thought it was funny...i crack myself up lol. naw, jk, ugh...wat makes me laugh...i guess sum 1 energetic and happy, always jokin around and stuff, has a good personality;)

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    I laugh very eaisly.

    People make me laugh without trying.

    So just be yrslef. [:

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    um nothing too inapropriate

    haha, just as long as he's not trying to hard to be funny. i mean sometimes it just comes naturally. lol. if not for you then plz dont try. those kind of boys pissed me off.


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    people can be funny with out tryingg girls hate imsture guys tho

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    u dont have to do this but... i love it when guys lol literally gay

    no racist jokes...seriously.. i dont mind sexist jokes as long as they are moderate. cause then i can beat them up about it!! haha

    but i like guys that smile

    nd most importantly are themselves


    Source(s): going into 8th grade too!!
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