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You tube Storage plan;?

The point I am considering since I started using Youtube is this that every day thousands perhaps millions of videos are uploaded on youtube. Where are they stored? Anyway, where ever they are stored, would this be for eternty that the free uploading of high memory videos will be continued. Where will it end. Because my actual curiosity is; if I want to buy a 1 gb memory card or flash memory I have to pay about 10 dollars(according to my place). And there, Millions of mbs are free and welcomed to be used? Similarly the Gmail, is increasing the memory, from where and how? Or are the servers capable of keeping infinte data.

That's my question.

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    It's in a big air conditioned data center.

    Maybe 2-3 years ago a 250gb hard disks were being sold at $200 each, now you can get a 1000gb disk for the same price. That's like 20c per gig and they probably get a big discount for ordering thousands at a time.

    The storage may not be the issue but the internet bandwidth costs for when people download all the videos and things, and the cost of all the computers for the web servers.

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