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What Are Your Favorite DAVID BOWIE Albums & Songs?


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    Very tough question. Was brought up on Bowie and Beatles, so he is really important to me.

    My favourite song would be Starman. Classic Bowie- weird unrelated chord sequence, brilliant string section arrangement, lyrics about alien life, brilliant vocal delivery and ends with a 'la la la' vocal. And last, my favourite part of the song, the exquisite, sublime guitar solos by Mick Ronson. This is how you play a guitar, kids-without doubt my most favourite guitar solo ever. Legendary.

    There is of course a million runner ups. Space Oddity, Life on Mars, Sound and Vision.....too many great songs.

    Sadly I cannot pick a favourite album.

    I was listening to some Bowie on ym i-Pod today. I was again struck by how unique and highly innovative his music is. I like how on his later stuff, the instruments sound so alien and unique. The way guitars don't sound like guitars on tracks like Let's Dance, Heroes and others.

    How good is the intro to Sound and Vision. Listen to it, the way it evolves. Each instrument drops in, each doing something totally different to one another, constantly lifting the song higher and higher. Immense. What a song.

    And check the outro to Ashes to Ashes. Wow, how scary, alien, odd, frightening and totally brilliant.

    Bowie is a legend.

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    Favorite Album would have to be Hunky Dory. My all time favorite Bowie song is Sound & Vision some of my other favorites are Life On Mars, Queen B*tch, Heroes, Changes, Oh! You Pretty Things, Andy Warhol, Starman, and Space Oddity.

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    I only have 4 albums by him so far.. I love him.

    Favorite albums : Hunky Dory & Let's Dance

    Favorite songs.. Life On Mars?

    Station To Station

    Oh! You Pretty Things

    Cat People (Putting Out Fire)

    Let's Dance

    Ashes To Ashes

    I'm Afraid Of Americans


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    i am not a huge bowie fan, but i think he does some good work

    my top 5 songs:

    1. ziggy stardust

    2. modern love

    3. suffragette city

    4. changes

    5. space oddity

    my favorite album is the rise and fall of ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars

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    I love Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust, Heroes, and Scary Monsters

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    I love David Bowie.

    I love the whole 'Ziggy' thing.

    I have listened to Ziggy Stardust 1310 times, and my favourite album is definitely 'The rise and fall of Ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars'.

    I also love listening to Life on mars, (though i do like all his music) and starman. It's all classic stuff. Some more favourites are SPACE ODDITY and John, i'm only dancing. It's all brilliant. Ziggy is definitely my favourite, but i couldn't choose from the rest.

    good question.


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    Aladdin Sane - "Panic In Detroit". I love the opening line of "He looked a lot like Che Guevara."

    Diamond Dogs- so many good songs, including "Rebel Rebel", which I can't believe bar bands don't cover.

    Ziggy Stardust, all of it.

    Young Americans- the title track blew me away. It was aired for the first time in New Orleans as I was driving across a huge swamp in the darkness.

    I also love "Starman" and "Modern Love".

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    Album - Hunky Dory

    Song - Suffragette City

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    I only have "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars". Love it though.

    Bizarre is gonna love this question :D

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    Album - "Hunky Dory"

    Song - "I'm Afraid of Americans" (collaboration w/ Trent Reznor - looooooove it!!!)

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