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does anyone know where i can get slimfit hoodies in bangkok?

i've been looking for slimfit hoodies in bangkok for some time but still no luck. can anyone name a few places where i could find them? i'm also interested in either brandless ones or brands which aren't really well known. (not interested in fake bape hoodies etc.) looking for hoodies with stripe/ blank/ overall designs. please be specific with place. thanks alot

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    Siam paragon mall(you will pay the same western prices if you don't want a copy) MBK mall is one of the biggest in Thailand.You can find everything from fakes to not so good fakes and everything else you ever dreamed of.Maybe Chatuchak market in Bangkok could be good for you,it has everything you can think of.You can go to most of the islands like Koh Chang,Koh phi phi,Koh samui and places like that where tourists hang out and find what ever you want.I went into one of the most expensive stores in Phuket 3 years ago and bought a pair of real Italian made leather dress shoes that would cost over $100 dollars in America,they wanted $50 (but needed the business) so I talked them down to $25.Another example is, my friend owns a leather store on Koh Chang island,she has copies and real products so perfect that only a professional could tell the difference AND IT'S ALL LEGAL HERE IN THE WILD EAST!.If you have the time go to all the tourist places you can find everything here.I live here,I know this country like the back of my hand.My goodness,I have bought $10,000 dollars worth of perfect copy computer editing software for my film making job for $2.50 cents American.Just keep looking.It's here just keep asking.

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