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is werewolves real?(please read)?

i mean lets say that u was going to your work or school with your car.. and then u hit a wolf with your car ! u ran to check out the wolf if he is okay ! and then the wolf attacked u and bited u

and a drop from the wolf's blood falled into your injury ! may be the wolf's cells and genes can mix with yours and the result is a werewolf!!!!!! it happened with the vampires .. many scientest discovered that some people have a disease that make them drink others blood to survive! it may happen with the werewolves too..right?

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    ok that disease u heard about was a form a rabies (which can live in bats but doesnt have anything to do with the bat itself)

    no different species cells wont "mix" as u put it, the blood of another species wont change the cells around it

    ok this is a very basic answer because u dont seem to quite grasp genetics but it basically boils down to the blood of an animal cannot mutate other cells in our bodies, it wont be able to replicate itself and our bodies simply wont be able to use it

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    rabid men look like werewolves

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    Yes they're real i fight them all the time.

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