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Something is very very wrong with me?

For the last year I've been noticing weird things happening to me.

I've stopped socialising with my friends and I'm kind of retreating into myself.

I don't play any team sports anymore. I just do running.

I'm just so different from everyone else my age.

I prefer being around adults.

I'm only 14.

I do have loads of friends but I'm not close with them.

I can't get close to anyone.

Do I have some mental disorder?

I feel as if I have just skipped my teenage years.



Thank you all so much! I feel a lot better now.

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    You are not alone, though you are indeed an exception. It appears that you are introverting, that is, you are growing up to become an introvert. In society today, that is often seen as bad. But that's nonsense, really. To be an introvert means you are introspective. Society encourages people to be extroverts. This is because extroverts are rather oriented at the external world, that is, at others rather than at themselves. It's obvious why society should encourage that.

    You are indoctrinated by society (I'm sorry, but that's the right word), so much so, that you now think something is "very very wrong" with you! Being different is supposed to be a mental disorder!

    "Everyone wanteth the same; everyone is equal: he who hath other sentiments goeth voluntarily into the madhouse."

    [Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathustra, Prologue, 5.]

    Replace "into the madhouse" by "to the psychiatrist" and you will see what a prophet Nietzsche (a 19th century German philosopher) was.

    He wrote *for* the exceptions, which he saw were always being bullied by the rule. He discerned a tremendously strong tendency towards a dumbing-down: consider the fact that intelligence is today presented as something unfashionable (the "nerd"). The less intelligent pretend to feel superior to the more intelligent, but in reality they feel humbled by them and therefore hate them. You should prepare yourself for a lot of disguised hate (sometimes disguised as "pity", for instance).

    It is your destiny to be extraordinarily intelligent and sensitive. You can either embrace that, and live authentically, or evade it and live inauthentically. If you embrace it, I welcome you to our numbers. I advise you to seek out your spiritual kindred: for man is a social creature, and exceptions like us also need society -- just a *different* (smaller, subtler) kind of society.

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    I am 20, I started going through whats you put down here at about 8 or 9 (and still am). I began to become extremely anti-social, paranoid and I could not relate to anyone, including my family members. I wanted to be more smarter then everyone, yet at school I suffered because I knew almost everything and acted like the dumb kid, because I had terrible anxiety and paranoia. I preferred talking to adults, because I found my friends to be slight immature for me at times. I began reading political books, sociology books and psychology and psychiatry books at around 12. I had this encyclopedia which I would spend hours reading from the age of 7 and read the entire dictionary at 13 because I could find nothing else to read.


    You might have a higher IQ then your peers? I've been tested and I did.

    However, I certainly can not tell you or anyone tell you on here, only a trained professional can tell you if your mentally ill or just mentally advanced. Or both. So seek out a psychiatrist, he or she can help you with that before it become worse, especially if it is mental illness.

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    Laura, there's nothing wrong with you.

    If you prefer being with adults, then that's you. No problem.

    Try not to think it is some kind of mental issue because then it can actually become one (if you're worried all the time about it). You still have a lot to live, so maybe in the future (maybe tomorrow) you will change your mind and prefer being with younger people. It's not important how many friends you have, but the quality of them.

    Continue with your normal life and you after a while you will feel comfortable with it.

    Hope it helps,

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    ok darling,

    i spetn my entire PRIMARY SCHOOL years prefering the company of adults.

    this may not be normal behaviour but it does happen. i was much more mature than the rest of my peers and wasnt overly liked amongst them. up until year 9 this happened to me, then i made friends.

    i still prefer some adult or mature company but i have learnt to accept the often immature mindset of people my age. i see it as amusing if nothing else.

    i dont have a mental illness or anything;

    after this, in the last year i too have drifted from my friends. i have lots but i dont really like spending time with them. i have one close friend that i actually like spending time with.

    its not wrong to be different.

    you seem much more mature than the people around you. as they grow up you will find you get along better with them.

    trust me, your teenage years wont just pass you by. keep in mind you are allowed to enjoy yourself no matter how mature you are.

    stop thinking there is something wrong with you and just try and enjoy the people around you fro what they are right now. you dont have to relate to them, just know they aren't what you need right now but they will be there for you if you need them to. no matter how mature a person is you should never underestimate their worth as a person. we all need a shoulder to cry on sometimes. :)

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    It sounds like teen hormones. Because your 14 your becoming a adult. And your relating to adults right now. Feeling out of place is normal.

    But it would be great just to find someone to talk to about everyday situations.

    Ask your parents if you can go see the doctor and they can advise where it is best to to find someone in your area.

    Sometime just talking can put things in order.

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    i'm the same as you but i'm 16.its good to find someone who i can relate to.some teens grow faster than may find that the stuff your friends talk about seems babyish and imature to you and thats why you prefere the company of adults. i'm like that have no mental disorder,as we grow,so does our mind which leads to new discovering,new attitudes towards things,etc the period of teens to adults is a period of change or its naturel this might be a difficult time for you.if you need someone to talk to,i'l leave my of

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    I don't know that you may becoming a loser but you should talk to someone. A good place to start would be your parent(s). If that doesn't help give your minister or a teacher you respect a call/visit. But DO something and today would be a good day to do it.

    All the Best.

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    Im 18 and ever since I was about 14 1/2 I became anti-social but I never got treatment and I turned into loser Save yourself while you can.

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    definitely get evaluated by a doctor, could possibly an anxiety disorder or depression, maybe even antisocial personality disorder just a thought.

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