parallel hdd?

can i install 2 hard disc drive (hdd)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Any PC from the past decade can have at least 2 hdds (if the case has physical room) because they all have at least one hdd channel on the motherboard and 1 channel can handle 2 drives (whether they are PATA or SATA).

    The real question is whether your computer specifically has enough space to install 2 hdds.

    Most computers actually have 2 hdd channels (places to plug your hdd into the motherboard) so you can have up to 4 "drives" on your computer. 1 CD-RW, 1 DVD, and 2 hdds; etc. (3.5" floppy drives don't count towards the 4)

    Depending on your specific motherboard, how many drives are currently on your computer, and the size of your computer case.

    If you don't have 4 drives (total) you probably meet the hardware requirements to install another hdd, but most "brand name" computer manufacturers make their cases so small that it is nearly impossible to fix additional hardware inside.

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