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BB9: Maysoon walked out!?

what a quitter! can't say the house is going to be lost without her though - she was sensationally dull i have to say...

what was the point of her going on there?! she said she wanted to prove models aren't just pretty things, yet she walked in, showed that models really DONT have personalities and then walked straight back out again. Yet there are entertaining people like Steph and Bex who were given the boot when they had such an impact on the house.

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    lol, how many times has this been posted today!!!!

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    Not sure why people leave for this reason. I'm not saying it would be easy being away from home but I think I'd feel worse leaving through the back door, it must be such an anti climax. Wasn't she up for eviction ? She probably bottled it.

  • diane
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    I reckon she didnt want to face the public vote

    She knew she was boring

    Good ridance to her I say

    I miss Bex too


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    i know! and the house dont even seem bothered that shes gone either! lol...... i miss bex being in there with luke ...what is wrong with people! they always vote out the entertaining ones and leave the boring no bodys in there

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  • Anonymous
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    D'ya recon she just cowarded out?!

    I miss bex aswell, she was my face aswell as luke!! they were well funny when they were together! they should put her back in :D


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