What can you tell me about opera?

With enough practice and training obviously, can anyone sing opera or do you need to have some special thing? What is the recommended age to start learning? You have to learn to just plain sing before learning opera right?

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    I agree with Snide. Not anyone can sing opera. Not all instruments are build to sing operatically with great success, which is ok. There are other arenas for singing as well. However, many who have the innate desire to sing operatically usually have that gift. So if this is you, I would definitely seek a voice teacher to help you on your journey.

    Many teachers train singers operatically at 16. I have a friend who won't touch a singer until they've turned 18, and there are some who are the same way. Then there are those who will lightly train 14 year olds, but they have to be careful on not messing with the instrument at such a young age. The vocal chords and the body should have a certain maturation before moving in to that process of singing. However, you are never to old to train operatically.

    You can receive operatic training when you first start your lessons. Your teacher will start with breathing, posture, connection to the voice, all these things before singing any piece. You might go through this for a couple of lessons. After this, they may start you on a classical art song to get your feet wet as your first piece.

    Its really fun, and of course hard work. It can become really intense, BUT in the end, it is SO WORTH IT. Have a ball!

    Source(s): Professional singer/teacher/grad student in opera studies
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    If you're going to Fordham, then you definately rather must pass see Netrebko and Villazon on the Met!!!!!! We are Met subscribers (eight operas + a 12 months), so I wager you would say I decide upon opera. My husband is for much longer time fan of the opera (50 years), however I adore it too. Addition: Last season they bought a supply which allowed them to promote as much as 2 hundred orchestra tickets at plenty of performances for $20 each and every. These are tickets valued at greater than $one hundred each and every. People simply covered up an hour earlier than the efficiency to get them.

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    I am a voice teacher and opera singer. You could start studying singing in your teens, but seriously working on operatic repertoire is more appropriate for college-age students.

    Of course, not everyone has an operatic voice, any more than everyone is built to be a football or basketball player. But, if opera is your passion, it is certainly worth the try!

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