Questions about Arteriosclerosis?

How does Arteriosclerosis effect blood flow?

What ages are most likey to get it?

Are males or females more likley to suffer?

What factors increase the risk of getting it?

What are the warning signs?

What is the treatment??

Why do people get it?


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    Arteriosceloris is a condition of so called plaqes in your arteries.

    It is caused by cholesterol (and other factors).

    Alsmost everyone will develop these plaques in your arteries, the older the more. Starting at a young age.

    When a plaque opens it is possible for parts of these plaques to block smaller arteries (for example your small heart arteries) causing a heart atack or at leat ischaemia.

    Warning signs: when you have a heart condition called angina pectoris you probally will have these arteriosclerotic plaques. Patients with AP have pain at the chest when exercising. The pain will get less when they stop exercising of use NTG-spray.

    Risk factors: high cholesterol, smoking, Diabetes, overweight

    Male/female: at this moment most in males, but femals are catching up.

    Treatment: symptomatic

    Source(s): I'm medical student
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    5 years ago

    To tell you the truth, everyone of us has atherosclerosis, ever since we are a kid. It is just a matter of how severe it is. There is such a thing called peripheral edema where ankle, or the back swells up if the body is overload with water. Peripheral edema dont normally happen in a healthy person, unless we are overload with > 5L of water. It is also possible if one have heart failure, hypoalbuminemia, renal failure, etc. However I dont think this is the case. I wouldn't worry about it, given your age

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