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What will these go with...?

I don't know what trousers,shoes and accessories to wear with these accessories... It's for college/sixth form and I want the outfits to look casual but fashionable, not over the top.


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    for the 2nd one, i would wear black skinny trousers and very dark skinny jeans with a pair of white plimsoles, and a cami underneath. Then i would add a chunky bangle and a long necklace.

    I really like the red top aswell.. i would probably again just stick to skinny denim and come cute ballet pumps.

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    Okay, underneath this top wear a white singlet. It will make the top stand out more. Then, slip on a pair of Grey jeans, they will go fabulous! If you don't have Grey jeans, black is your next option. Then, For shoes slip on some black ballet/fats shoes or even a nice set of kitten heels (black or red). Then wear a red bracelet or a black one. This will add more style and wow to the outfit! Then if you have your ears pierced then wear a nice set of diamonds (fake or real) studs. & Your set! oh and... Get a handbag (small one) that is black and it will go perfectly! This outfit is not only casual but very matching and stylish.

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    ((for both)) shoes: Off white/ Creme flats and for pants a pair of dark wash jeans.

    You could use whatever gold necklace you'd like with a large pendant on the end.

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    wear dark skinny jeans with pumps or heels

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    dark skinny jeans and heels.

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