what should i do about my cousin she touches my younger brother who is 6 and she is 7?

not only does she touch him but she is a brat she still sips out of a sippy cup she crys over every lil thing and she told my 4 year old sister that at night my mum and dad have sex what should i do


well she has a dirty mind and my pareants have seen it and tried to stop it but she stops at nothin and by touching she always sits on his lap and kisses him and i am 12

Update 2:

her mom is a dope head and so is her dad they don't care

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    She is 7 and you must be bigger than she is ,just grab her and shut her up or tell her next time if she is caught doing something silly like this you will straight away tell here parents and your parents about her or she will be sent to the hospital for menatlly sick people and iam sure she will get scared and will not do this again.

    Other very Important thing is to help her out with her sickness by counselling her as she is a child herself and caught in the wrong idea of life ,this totally her parents fault who are not taking care of there sex area that where should they have sex and iam dead sure that this act should not be done where chlderen are around no matter if parents think theya re sleeping ,they might get up and see all those hot scenes they cant stop it because they get scared of the actions going on,parents should always take care of this thing if they want to save there childeren from getting sick brains and becoming the jerks in there lives and having the sex ideas before the age they should be knowing sex.

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    Probably someone has touched your cousin in the same ways. Most kids have their own curiousities, but if her parents don't care there is something very wrong, especially if they're "dope heads". Have you told your parents? You really should. If they don't do anything tell a teacher or a priest. There are terrible things done to boys and girls in this world and your cousin might be a victim. If so, she needs your help,since her parents don't care. She might seem annoying, but she could be getting hurt. You wouldn't want that, would you? You have to tell an adult you trust about what you've seen. Right now.

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    She is 7yrs old...still a little child..I blame the parents...they should be teaching her what is acceptable but sadly this is not happening...so maybe you or your mother could have a talk with this little girl...maybe you and your mother could have a good influence on her...she might also be looking for attention...some children will do anything for attention...even unacceptable behavior...but remember she is a child and does not think like an adult...no matter what she does... you know what she is doing is not right but she need to be told this in a very firm manner...then find something else to keep her busy.

  • Anonymous
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    well if the 4 year old sister happened to be lied to about that and your parents have an unhealthy relationship then i would see a problem, but just tell the parents about it.

    my sister is 12 and runs around putting notes saying "fu** you youre gay" on peoples cars for some reason, which baffles me as to where the gratification in that is, and shes been grounded all year because of it.

    there really isnt anything else you can do.

    i like video recorders, they make for nice evidences when you bust your siblings. tape recorders work for loose profanities as well

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    You should smack her dirty little hand if you see that, and you should be a proper big sister and protect you brother by telling an adult whats going on.

    hey: you dont want to make the mistake of ignoring it or saying " oh she's just curious, she'll stop" No. this is 2008 and kids are flooded with sexual images starting at a young age. its better to be on the safe side and let someone know.

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    People are like monkeys or parrots. We do exactly what we are taught.

    This little girl is imitating her parents. She is also crying out for help.

    Try to get her interested in something that is in her age bracket. Take her places. Do things with her. In short...let her know that there is someone that cares about her. That's what she wants most of all.

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    i'm so sorry. =( Very difficult subject. you incredibly shouldn't flow back. He has already abused sufficient and could back in case you flow to. he's used to it and could haven't any situation with doing it back, and it ought to get incredibly messy in case you tried to guard your self against them after all of the different cases he have been given away with it. If there is not any one among your persons and relatives you sense confident to talk to approximately it, flow to the police or some form of youngster centers which could assist you to. they are going to take this form of consistent sexual harassment of a minor heavily, and that they are greater powers which could assist you to. It in basic terms isn't elementary, yet you will sense extra useful understanding that there are people who've your superb pastime at coronary heart. somebody incredibly ought to comprehend so as that they might shield you. My prayers are with you and which you come across a good answer to all of this and have justice and a feeling of peace in spite of what has got here approximately.

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    since these people are 4 6 and 7 its not that serious expect the part about sex

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    It sounds like she is a little bit dirty-minded. (So am I sometimes so I can't be judging her) Hmm...If I were you, I'd tell her mother and your mother. Each will do their part and keep your touchy cousin away from your little bro.

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    Does she live in the same house as you do?

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