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How Was The Surface of Mars Formed?

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    Scientists now believe that the surface of Mars was formed at the same time and in the same way as the surface of Earth. The primary difference being that the surface of the Earth is still undergoing changes due to activity associated with plate tectonics, whereas the surface of Mars no longer appears to be geologically active.

    Source(s): BS in Geology - UT Austin, and way too much time spent watching NOVA and the Science Channel
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    Mars has contrasting hemispheres (crustal dichotomy) the southern hemisphere form a region of heavily cratered highlands (with an age of 3.8 billion years) and most of the northern hemisphere is low lying with less impact craters.

    The lack of impact craters in the north is due to burial from lava and sedimentary materials bought in from the southern highlands.

    The southern highlands show magnetic stripes (similar to those under earths oceans) indicating the crust grew at a constructive plate boundary (the stripes indicate the reversal in the direction of the magnetic field).

    Mars has ceased generating its own magnetic field.

    The red colour of mars surface is due to its highly oxidising environment.

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