What does it mean when you "culture bacteria"?

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What does it mean when you "culture bacteria" and what is done in the procedure? If you can give me any websites to show me how it's done, please do! Thank you so ...show more
Update : I appreciate all your answers. I really need everything I can get...
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Culturing is just a method of studying bacteria.
it's done by growing them on something (usually a petry dish) containing nutrients.

sometimes in order to isolate a single bacterial species from a mixture of different bacteria, solidified solutions are used.

Individual cells divide on the surface and don't move away from each other like they would do in liquid,
and after many replications of each other they grow and create visible colonies composed of a bloody lot of cells that all began and derived from a single cell.

If a portion of the colony is then selected and moved to liquid, it will grow as a pure culture, free of all other bacteria except that single species selected.

try the bbc bite size revision websites and stuff for help, they have cool diagrams and animations and stuff on which make things easier to understand.

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  • do watchu want answered 6 years ago
    culturing bacteria means that you manufacture and allow them to replicate on a massive scale, in a controlled environment
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  • Jagan K answered 6 years ago
    culturing a bacteria means, we are giving appropriate nutrients and atmospheric conditions to the particular bacterial cell to grow up in a huge number. in order to that, we have to prepare media with some nutrients which are suitable for respective bacteria, here important point is all bacteria doesn't grow on single type of medium.
    here i am giving some web sites for your support.


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  • janeway answered 6 years ago
    To 'culture' means to grow, either in a liquid medium or on a solid agar plate. Google "laboratory techniques + culture of bacteria" or look up a website for any labs there are in your area.
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