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Airport Question??????????

if i find a flight on Expedia, can i buy that same ticket that was online at the airport for the same price?

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    It is possible that the same rate would be available. However you will be subject to a "ticketing fee" by doing the transaction in person at the airport (about $25 per ticket).

    My suggestion would be to make the reservation directly with the airlines' website and avoid the fee. If you don't feel comfortable completing it there, stop by a local travel agency and have a professional take care of it. They will charge you a fee also (about $20), but at least you will know that someone whom actually cares about your business is taking care of your needs.

    Good luck!

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    Probably not. Airlines typically charge you $25 extra to buy a ticket in person. Expedia's ticketing fee is only $5.

    It really doesn't make sense to go to the airport. In addition to the extra cost, you have to make a special trip to the airport with the associated costs for gas and parking. If there are lines at the airport, you have to stand there and wait. You cannot just wait and buy the ticket on the day of departure if your fare has an advance purchase requirement (most discount fares do) - you'll have missed the purchase deadline and your fare may go up by hundreds of dollars.

    Just buy it from Expedia. Why go through a lot of extra time and hassle to save a lousy $5?

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    Actually, you're probably better off going directly to the office of the airline of your choice. I've found that sites like expedia, orbitz, etc., display only the most common fares, and don't look into things like student fares, excursion fares and the like.

    If you go directly to the airline ticketing or reservations office, you can speak directly to a real human being, to whom you can explain what kind of fare you are looking for, the routing you wish to take, and the dates you wish to travel. The dates you wish to travel do make a big difference in the airfare believe it or not, as does the routing you wish to take.

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    Maybe not it could be more, try and buy your ticket on line using the airlines web page its cheaper than Expedia or the others.

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    i doubt it. many airline sell those tickets to travel agents, expedia, orbitz, travelocity etc for those rates to get customers to buy from them as opposed to from directly from the airline (because they make the money). if you find a good deal online you probably wont find it anywhere else esp not at the airport and the price never stays for long...

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