math question pls answer got an exam tommorow?

the question is:

I have two tickets for a football match. this represents 0.000 05 of the total tickets sold. how many tickets were sold??

pls answers and explain also how to do it

best ans 10 pts!!!!!!

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    x is the total number of tickets

    0.00005 x = 2 (the number of ticket you got)

    x = 2/0.00005 = 40,000 (tickets sold).

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    2 tickets equal to 0.00005 of all sold, and we can assume that this is out of 1? Therefore if we divide 1 by 0.00005 we get:

    1 / 0.00005 = 20,000

    but each 1 in our answer represents 2 tickets, so to get the answer you multiply 20,000 by 2 to get 40,000.

    An eaiser way to think of it is that it 0.00005 = 2 tickets, then 1 ticket = half of that so 0.000025 is equal to one ticket

    If we divide 1 by 0.000025 we get 40,000.

    You can e-mail me if you don't understand anything.

    Source(s): GCSE Higher Tier Mathematics
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    i dont know the answer... but BEST OF LUCK FOR UR EXAM!

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