More boy problems..=/?

So after my recent ex...I just gave up on relationships, and I seem to be MUCH happier with it, accounting I always end up picking the assholes. But there's this guy, I've known him for a year or two, he's actually pretty sweet in all. He asked me out a couple of times, but I just keep telling him no, but he honestly never gives up on me like the rest of them. I want to be with him, yet I dont. I dont want to put myself up for the risk like the others...because he does seem like them a tad bit, but he also seems different from the others. I want to give him a chance, but I just really dont know. Plus to add that all onto it my family hates his family...And I dont want to risk my family against another boy again. Advice?

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    you said, actually pretty sweet in all. he does seem like them a tad bit. Just because he hasnt given up on you doesnt mean anything, except you havent gone out with him yet. Plus

    your family hates his family? As much as I hate to admit it, Family is usually pretty right on with their feelings about things like this. I wish i had listened to my family. No body is worth risking your family over. Plus, it sounds like you already know its not a good idea.

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    haha well, honestly that sounds like heart break coming. i mean me and my bf just broke up. i dont even know what to call it. but i am happy single. both of my previous ex's screwed me over but for some reason i never stopped believeing in love though i wanted to. so let me redo my answer. maybe go for it. take it slow nothing too serious. thats how you get hurt. just take it real slow. no i love you's! till your serious. and um, as for your family, well, maybe once you guys are serious no joke serious, they will see how much you care and that they should too. but in the mean time do they need to know? because if it doesnt work out, and you chose him, well then you have noone. just keep it on the down low until it gets serious enough you cant hide it. goodluck sweetheart and dont build a gate around your heart it only makes things worse.


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    give time to urself to recover from ur ex think if u really wanna be with this guy the advantages of being with him and the disadvantages the good thinks in his chracter and the bad if the advantages and good things in him are more than the negative then go for it

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    I don't understand, y do people feel like they have to be with someone? Can't you just be single for a while and date other guys and see how it plays out? The problem is you're rushing into relationships too fast, maybe you feel lonely.. Who knows.

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    Trust ur Gut!:) he wants u, give him a chance, u never know till u go 4 it, it sounds sweet how he wont give up on u too.;)

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    You should date him [:

    Screw your families. They can learn to get along, for your sake & his.

    If they don't like it, who cares?

    The families probs won't see all that much of eachother anyway.

    As long as they don't hate the guy!

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    go for it

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