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PC sound drivers...?

I am fixing up an old i-friend PC for a mate, but it did not have the original system restore CD with it, so i just manually re-installed windows. This pc has no model number and i am unable to find a sound driver for it. I was just wondering if there is any way to find out what the soundcard is (its built in) or if there is a generic sound driver i can get??


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    Go to Control panel -> System -> Hardware and select Device Manager. Locate the sound controller and go to the relevant manufacturer website for the lastest driver for that particular model.

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    OK. the best tool for the job. get sisoftware SANDRA. its a benckmarking tool and hardware identifier. you can just get the free trial version for now. sounds like you got a "white box". SANDRA will identify the make and model of your motherboard. Then go to the manufacturers website and search your model number for the drivers. OR if that doesnt work, search using the model number. U are sure to find it!!!

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    get realtek in google search

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