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Simple html question....?

How do you have a word become a link to another page??

Like if it says "and that's shown here" or whatever the "here" would be a link to another page.

It's for a blog if that makes a difference lol

thank youu♥


omg I'm confused...sorry but i know nothing about html lol. i only know & hearts ; lol

Update 2:

ohh iight i got it now lmaoo...i'm sloww xD

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    why dont you just put the whole url? you kno the thing that says "http://...."/? you could just say in your blog....and heres the link to that page....etc.?

    that would be a lot easier that doing wat you are trying to say....but if you do want the link to occur when you actually click the word "here" then im pretty sure that can only be done in a web page desgining software like Microsoft Publisher...etc...where you highlight the word "here" and right click to "insert hyperlink"....but thats obviously not gonna work....lolx

    the best thing you can do is insert the whole url and it appears like a hyperlink!....

    sorry about droning on lolx!


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    If you only want the here to be the link, use :

    and that is shown <a href='link url'>here</a>

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    u shout use as

    <a href="">and/ that's shown here<\a>

    this will display as the link for more information about html use the site

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    If you want the link working on Yahoo answer just add at the first of this link http://

    for example

    This will work now

    This will not work

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    the code would be

    <a href = "">and/ that's shown heretext thingy</a>

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