i have windows 98 on my computer someone is giving me windows xp pro pack do i install w/disc like the old 1?

i don't have $ to get another hard-drive and i realize i will lose all current information also can anyone explain the difference between windows xp pro pack and the regular windows xp

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    The simple answer is No, you won't loose any data if you UPGRADE from 98 to xp. remember to choose the upgrade option , not the new installation. which will format the data.

    Good luck!!!

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    All OS are shipped with different versions for diff users

    for ex:

    Windows XP Home

    Window XP Prof

    Ya... and as you can guess, Pro has more features than home version

    For Side-by-Side Installation of two OS's (Dual Booting)

    Start your comp in Win 98, Insert XP Pro Disk,

    then select set up type as NEW INSTALLATION

    but select one more option---> I will select destination in set process (I don't remember real wordings)

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    4 years ago

    no, you'll want the major that got here with the disk. or attempt to google a key from the web. Edward, you could instal it extra then one computer. Vista is the single which couldn't allow you to deploy it on extra then one computer.

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    while installing updated version you can choose upgrade option

    you will not loss your data...

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  • 1 decade ago

    no dont do

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