need easy science fair project only 14 years old and tell me how to make it to?

and no valcanos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    Make a hygrogen generator. just google it and you'll get tons of plans.

    Also include info about how the use of hydrogen can eliminate our need for oil.

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    catapults! fun to build, fun to use. rather easy as well. for your board all you have to do is put some stuff about how it works, the history etc.

    if you want some real power use a trebuchet. but a small catapult that throws a tennis ball can be made in a few hours. a drill, hammer, and a few screws.

    in the end it is much easier if you find something that to you sounds fun.

    Personally i think physics projects are the easiest and most fun. no need to wait weeks for plants to grow...

    -does a heavier ball fall faster than a lighter ball?

    -does a hollow wheel roll faster than a solid wheel?

    -how does a pully work?

    -why does a heavy boat float?

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    Many poeple think if you drink a cold drink in cold weather it warms you up because it cools you down to the same temperature and a hot drink cools you down in hot weather because it brings your body temperature to the same as the air around you maybe you could test this theory on a couple of mates.

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    do a project on what laundry detergent works better.... the cheaper one or the more expensive one?..... i did this at one of my science fairs and i got 2nd!

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    1 decade ago

    i did this for my 8th grade science fair.

    i won 3rd place. not kidding.

    do an expiremnt of what ice cream melts faster.

    ice cream with suger.

    or suger free ice cream.

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    for ideas. you could make something with recycled material, build a windmill . google has enough how-tos.

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