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does your basset puppy stink too bad?

i have a basset puppy and she doesant stink all that much.i mean she has a smell of her own, like all the other dogs have.she is clean and everything but there is allways a wondering do you have problems with your basset smell and how do u handle it?


i wash my dogs ears every day from the outside, and once a week from the inside.ears r fine, great in cousin, who is vet. said that ears r great.yea, i heard that only thing that can lower down the smell is good dog eats vegetables and royal canin food.

i have medical shampoo for my abba, and im confused coz it saiz that it should be used 2-3 times a weak, or how the vet. saiz. why everybody say to wash a dog once a month when on shampoo is saiz 2 or 3 times a week.thats huge difference.

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    basset hounds have a natural hound odor. there's no way to get rid of this.. it's genetics. bathing too much (a dog should never be bathed more than once a month.. twice a month if it gets into something dirty) will make the problem WORSE because it dries out the skin and causes the skin to produce more oils. that being said... how long has it been since you cleaned his ears? bassets need weekly ear cleaning at the very least, and most require it twice a week or more. dirty ears give off a HORRIBLE yeast-like smell thats really hard to describe. bassets are prone to ear infections.. which also stink. you need to get some cleaning solution from your vet and follow the directions on the bottle. it make take several cleanings to get rid of the smell. your dog may also need antibiotic ear drops if there is infection present.

    the epi-otic drops from your vet are great for cleaning ears

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    Will you PLEASE stop obsessing about a perfectly NATURAL odor??

    It's a DOG,dogs smell like DOGS...not freaking cheap perfume!!

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