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What muscels do you use when you swim?

I want to be a better swimmer but I dont have regular acess to a pool so if I could make my muscels stonger which I'm meant to use then I might slowly become better.

I know how to swim I just want to be a stronger one so please dont tell me how to do different strokes.

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    If you are already a swimmer then you should be able to tell which muscles you use the most. At the end of your season, which are the strongest? I would suggest doing Squats, Leg Press, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Lat Pull-down, Rowing, Lateral Raise, Shoulder Press, Bench Press, Dumbbell Curl, Push-up, Abdominal Work, and Stretches. You can also start running or some sort of cardio to build up your endurance.

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    you use every muscle in you body when you swim.

    kicking - legs, groin, glutes, abs

    pulling - arms, back, neck, chest, abs, shoulder

    pretty much any muscle you can name you use when you are swimming

    workouts you can do are squats, bench press, leg extension, leg curl, triceps, bicep curl you can do any of these in a weight room at a gym or something. just be sure to do something to strengthen your shoulders.

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    arms legs stomach ... bacicly evrything

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