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how many can u get pregnant???

hey i just want 2 no how many girlz u think i should make pregnant in my life??? is there a number of sperms i only have so many or can i make more sumhow?

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    You obviously are way too young and immature to even have sperm if you have to ask such a question!

    Let me tell you something, it is boys like you and the girls that let you that cause such problems out there. You are out doing this and dont have a clue as to how your bodies function, what the consequences are, or the realization that the children being born with the lack of support systems and good parenting in place a suffering terribly because of it.

    You have millions of sperm every single time you ejaculate, even if you dont ejaculate during intercourse sperm leaks out .It only takes seconds for thousands of sperm to start swimming to the eggs and a female has a lifetime of eggs inside of her.

    When you "finish" having sex the "damage" is already done!

    You must know now you will legally be held accountable for every child you father out there. The legal system no longer tolerates dead beat fathers at least not financially. So if you are not working and paying child support they will put you in jail! It is just a matter of time before they catch up with you. So think about it.... you can make every single girl you sleep with pregnant (which does not make you a man it makes you a looser with a penis) and is paving your way to a life of poverty and jail. So go ahead and keep thinking with that little head between you legs and your life will take the low road to failure.

    Pay attention in school, learn, get some faith and morals, keep your zipper up and you will have a much more successfull life young man. I really hope you listen and pay attention and wish you the best.

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    How about the only one whos child/children u can support? Dipping your pleasure stick in the community pool, is gonna cause u a lot of problems, and a lot for some pretty innocent people too. Unless of course everyone is at some understanding that u are trying to be some record breaking-baby maker!!! Good luck!

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    you can keep getting women pregnant it just depends on the quality of your sperm and the women if she is able to bear children but no you shouldnt just knock someone up just because you can and want to have your kids all over the place thats what makes this world suck inbreeding becuase people have multiple kids with multiple people that the others dont know about and can sometime get married and have kids you should have at most three and with one person

    Source(s): paying attention in sex ed and personal experience
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    How about only ONE, the one you plan to MARRY.


    Otherwise you're just a player with no good intentions.

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