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sleeping on your stomach?

i used to sleep on my back and my side and thought it was impossible to sleep on your stomach

now i sleep on my stomach everynight, i even fell asleep on my back and turned over to my stomach when i was half asleep.

The problem is my back is killing me everyday now its terrible. Im only a teenager. I have a waterbed too which is quite comfortable but is that adding to the problem. i need to fix the problem, my back/neck are terrible

what is the best way to sleep for your back? and how can i get used to that again.

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    I've been sleeping on my stomach all my life and can't sleep any other way. I sleep on a pillow-top bed. I would guess a water bed would hurt my back. I also put my head under the pillow rather than on it...helps with the neck.

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    Sleeping on ones stomach is good for you- the back pain is due to the waterbed- Get rid of it as its not helping you in any way- You are so young you should not be getting aches and pains!

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    No ... drowsing your belly may not intent your infants damage. But, ultimately it'll turn out to be very uncomfortable and you're going to quit. I am a belly sleeper too. I'm 15 weeks now and I'm nonetheless drowsing on my belly every so often. With my son I do not keep in mind while I stopped --- however I did seeing that I felt like I used to be drowsing on a bowling ball.

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    it myt besomething to do wit the bed oz the water miht not beable to support all areas while u slee staining them , i have a normal bed andim fine so i dunno myt be the bed

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    it is great. It will hide your hard ons.

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