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vishal asked in Social ScienceGender Studies · 1 decade ago

From when and how such view came into existence that men can be topless but women cannot ?

Well its common notion a male can walk barechested anywhere , though he needs to cover just his genitals , but when it comes to female, they cannot be topless too and have to cover their breast part in front of "others". In graphics of adam n eve, they mostly show the leaf covering the genitals than anything else.

So what made people accept such belief that women can't reveal their top body but men can?

PS: i am talking of general common people, dont consider examples of celebrities, actors or models, if they want they wont wear anything in front of anyone & expecting serious answers , thnx in advance.

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    A woman's breast are considered to be sexual in nature by society. As to when. Well I would have to say that came to be with the old church. It was thought that a woman's body esp. her breasts where meant to tempt men away from their holy works. It's a load of crap if you ask me but that's what it is. In fact there is a group of women in western Europe push for legislation to allow women to be topless while swimming at public pools. They state that they should be able to determine when their breasts should be viewed in a sexual manner. If I find the link again I will post it. I say everyone should be bare chested if they so desire.

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    It is legal in New Zealand. Women have the right to be topless, the same as men. This gender equality is even celebrated yearly with the boobs on bikes celebration in Auckland. (check out the link below)

    While it is great this law exists in my country it is problematic for several reasons; 1) the practice is widely frowned upon by the greater part of society, I guess due to differing values among age groups. Times are changing. While most young people are generally more open to this idea, not having been brought up into a rigid moral society, elder people are shocked by the public exposure. 2) It's too cold!!! The majority of New Zealand is far to cold to go around in short or a mini skirt, let alone without a top on!!!

    Anyway point is that it is a reflection of changing social ideas. Feminist perspectives are more frequent than ever in society, and while the practice of allowing women to have the tops off in public the same as men is still illegal in many countries, the whole way society views women in western culture has made and is continuing to make a rapid transformation. Sooner or later the moral rigidness of the last generation will be phased out and more privileges that are currently available to males will be extended to females as well.

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    This is mainly an American thing.

    My belly dancing teacher travels through some middle eastern countries (I don't know which ones). Over there they only view breasts as necessary to nourish babies. She says that women pull them out to nurse all the time & know one thinks anything, Also in European countries I have visited, women go topless all the time & it is even alright in movies & televisions (I heard of a soap commercial that had a topless woman in it).

    American society teaches us to think this way. From infancy we learn that breasts should be covered up & are very sexual body parts.

    Personally, I'm very comfortable in my body & around other people who are nude because I only see it as a body, a vessel for their spirit so to say. I have thong bikinis that I wear in Europe but not in America. I would definitely be viewed as a whore (even though I am really prude) by girls & guys. What's the big deal about a butt anyway? It's just a butt, come on guys, just some fat & muscle hanging off me.

    FYI: a woman can get a ticket for going topless on the beach & be put on the sexual offender's list along with names of pedophiles & rapists. This list is open to the public with names & addresses. Outrageous!

    The more forbidden & taboo our culture makes something, the more people go crazy over it. (same with drinking, eating, sex. . .)

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    About 10-15 years ago, a woman from Guelph, Ontario, Canada named Gwen Jacobs took this to court because she was walking on a public street in the middle of the day with her top off and was charged with indecency. She won. It's legal in Canada, but nobody does it. Just because something is legal does not mean it's accepted by the wider society. Sometimes public attitude is enough to make such "entitlements" pointless.

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    I assume report all feminists is one of the many guys who have the "blah" physique. Meaning nothing much in their upper body or like card board. If a man is athletic or has some built and muscle definition, then he will have pecs or at least a defined chest, therefore, one's who do have a good built are proud of their muscles such as the biceps and that definition, triceps, shoulders and chest. So it may be nothing to be proud of to you, but then again you are a guy, so naturally you won't see it, especially if you have a lack of esteem in your own physique.

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    Well, it's only comparatively recently that it has been considered acceptable for men to be topless, I think topless bathing constumes for men only came into fashion in about the 1930s for instance.

    However, I should have thought that the difference between a man going topless and a woman going topless were fairly obvious. A woman who reveals her breasts is obviously going to attract alot of attention from men, since breasts are of great interest to most men. Do most women really want to attract that kind of attention to themselves?

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    Probably at the same time the breast became seen as a sexual object. Remember in the olden times it was scandelous if a woman showed her ankle, it would have the men all of a flutter!

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    via fact of our Puritan ancestors. A womans epidermis and breasts have been linked with intercourse, intercourse replaced into undesirable so epidermis, incredibly the female breast must be stored in the back of various layers of clothing in any respect circumstances. to allure to a assessment Australia replaced into settled a penal colony. it is the place Britain sent their petty criminals, borrowers and prostitutes. you will see that the style in attitudes in direction of epidermis and the breast suitable there. ladies have been going topless on Australian beaches, of their parks and swimming pools for no less than thirty years now.

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    That's culture. You could accept it or not at your own expense. Just dance with the music if it doesn't hurt. Go figure and judge for yourself.

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    I love going topless and am proud of what I have

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