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Why is it that no matter how hard I try I seem to be the only person on earth that can't catch fish?

Hay! I love to go fishing as well as the next person; after a long hard week at work. There seems to be a problem; I try to watch another person who catches a lot of fish. Then use their methods; but no matter how hard I try nothing. Is there a great God of Fish that must first be appeased or something. What is my problem?

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    What type of fishing are you doing, maybe i could help you out a little more? other than that it could be a lot of things not casting far enough or casting too far, the incorrect bait, lure or fly, wrong weather conditions, some people might not agree with me on this one but luck plays a huge part in catching fish in some cases.

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    Some of it is plain luck.Well depending on how and what your fishing for luck just might be everything.Such as it was in this case I had a month ago:

    ~~~~~dream sequence swirls lol~~~~~~

    My two friends and my son went out fishing.We all have the same test line and were fishing in the same spot.We had nice rods and my son (who is 9 btw) has a $15 spincaster from Walmart.All four of us started using corn off the bottom for carp.After an hour I was only one who caught anything,a 1-2 pound common carp.Small pond = small fish,but that's fine by me.Anyway,we all switch to nightcrawlers and my son on his little crap rod pulls in a 3 pound bass,a carp,a bluegill and a bullhead over the next hour or so.Meanwhile the other 3 of us got nothing at all.Some days it's all about luck.

    ~~~~end of sequence lol~~~~

    Someday you'll have your best day of fishing where you can't bait your hook fast enough.Other days you'll never get a nibble.Oh and by the way.In the 4 times since then we've gone to that pond.One of the two friends I was with still hasn't caught anything there while the rest of us have been doing just fine.Lot of luck involved in fishing.

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    Fishing can be tricky, it's not as easy as throwing a lure in the water and reeling, you can have the right lure, but not the right color or pattern, or may be using the wrong imitation, or simply not putting the right action in the lure. So mix up the colors and how you restive the lure. When you got to buy a lure, don't just by one that looks good and go, you should get different colors; for example, if you think blue will be a good color, but you also think red and black will do good than buy both of them. You can go on the lake and use a lure and not catch a thing, but you can change the color of the lure and catch a big 'ol stringer of fish!

    As for mixing up the restive, you can use a spinner bait and simple cast out and reel, but not catch anything, but than you can use that same spinner bait, and cast and reel stop and let the bait flutter down a few feet, and get hit. Make you lure stand out make move different than the rest, a fish will much rather take and injured minnow than one that's live and well, they target differences, not similarities!

    You can also be using the wrong fish imitation, match the hatch. If the shad in you lake are spawning, than use a lure that looks like a shad, rather than a lure that imitates a perch. The fish will be feeding on shad at this time, so don't throw a perch color or the fish will almost know that it is a fake!

    ```good luck and good catchin```

    Source(s): i fished a lot in my life time and know how to catch fish!
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    Are you complaining? Wow, I wish I had that problem. Ask your bait store what fish are biting, the tide flow, and what fish are biting on. I use spider wire for line, a medium hook, and have found that there is not an inland saltwater fish that will not like shrimp. For fresh water, worms work well.

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    just keep going they will come. i was the same maybe gettin 1 or 2 per session .couldnt even bag a load at a fishery. 2 days ago i had a keep net full of fish. suppose there is an element of luck involved..but i understand u totally.if the fish arent there how can u hook up.persistance

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    It could be something on your hands that the fish don't like the smell of.

    There is a study the was done a few years ago that proved that there is one thing (smell, odor) that fish will actively run away from. It is the active chemical in insect repellent. Deet.

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    instead of watching what the other guy does, find your own method.

    Fishing is all about rythem(if thats how you spell it). a good tip is to take your line, and set your lure in the river or lake, and find a "jerking" rythem that makes your lure look like a fish in the water.

    If you are using powerbait or worms, the best thing is to just sit and wait.

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    well gods likes to have fun like everyone else and he enjoys watching you getting angry over not catching any fish lol and like watching people trying to answer on yahoo answer

    sorry man thats how life is god told me

    Source(s): GOD
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