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By banning semi automatics in D.C. are they violating the Supreme Court Ruling?

The District of Columbia is banning D.C. residents from possessing Semi Automatic handguns in relation to the recent Supreme Court ruling, you can only possess a six shooter type gun.


They claim they fall under the category of a machine gun, if thats true then the D.C. Police are in violation also

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    I'll have to look into this in order to give you my opinion. They got spanked once in court over this already. Silly liberals think guns cause crime.

    My guess would be that they may be able to get away with it this time since they aren't preventing gun ownership just types.

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    It is a violation in my opinion. I live close to and work quite a bit in D.C. so I can attest to their local politicians lack of rational thinking. Here we have a city which had a gun ban for 32 years yet during that time they topped the list as the murder capital of the country more than once. Gun bans don't keep illegal guns out of criminals hands.

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