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plz answer skin damaging m,aybe?

hi everyonoe i really want a tattoo but im 15 how do i get one and dont try and change my mind plz answer i live in perth W.A


i want the same as ben afflecks armband the barbed wire one, how much would it cost????????

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    Make sure you go to a clean place that has health certificates, etc. And get your tatoo on your ankle or top side of wrist. If it gets infected, you don't want it near any major arteries.

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    okay, i live in canada, so its probably different. here, you can be as young as 14 with a parents permission to get a tattoo. without it, you have to be 18.

    call a few places, see what the age is, and make sure it is a good shop, with clean tools, nice artwork, etc. make sure you know that the place you are going to is hygienic and safe, basically.

    i can't tell you an exact price. here, i would say probably about $100-150. if it is going all the way around the arm in solid black colouring.

    you could probably explain over the phone the tattoo you would like and where, and the artist could give you an estimate.

    another option would be that if you find a place that will tattoo you, to just bring in a picture beforehand and get a price.

    good luck!

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    Don't get all defensive about what I am saying to you, please realize that I am being honest with you, and that I've been around for a long time, I have tattoos, I have a child (who is now 21), I've worked with teenagers, I have credibility.

    Your anxious insecurity, and desire to fit in and to do something that (you believe) your peers will think is cool, .. is very very evident. You are the typical reason why it is not a good idea to legally allow tattoos for anyone under 18yrs. old.

    Nowhere in your question did you express any desire to get a good tattoo that you will love your whole life.

    You did express that you will easily and quickly choose someone else's tattoo design (this is stealing, by the way), you have no ideas, or designs of your own that have anything to do with you or your life, you are on the verge of getting an illegal tattoo because no reputable artist will work on you.

    This means that you foolishly will expose yourself to infection, MRSA, and Blood Borne Pathogens (which I doubt that you know anything about), your body is far from done growing, and if you get a tattoo it will distort. Since you are so headstrong and impulsive, I doubt seriously that you would do anything close to good aftercare.

    You will be looking for a cover up tattoo when you are 18 (this is far from cheap).

    So, either grow up, or good luck with your rebellion, and I hope that an mild infection is all that you get.

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    your looking at about 65 - 70 quid for it, unless they charge by the hour then maybe a tad more, but seriously bro, im now 22, i wanted tattoos when i was ur age but i look back now n think ****** hell thank god i never did, lol not everybody is the same, but 15 - 16 is the age most lads go through the changes of who theyre gonna be in later life wait a few months and if you still want THAT DESIGN then go for it, if your mind changes on a new design wait a few months for that one, another alternative is to buy hectograph paper and make a stencil, apply it to ya skin and leave it on for a while, see what u think, just mke sure you get a good artist, its worth payin more for a quality tattoo tham savin a few bob to have it done cheaper and then finally either shrinking, or worse getting infected,

    hope this helps bro


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    I think you have to be 16 to get a tattoo without parental permission. There are some places that don't care, and will give you a tattoo anyway, but they're mostly dodgy. You can't be sure of the safety. Make sure you go to somewhere proper, with safety certificates, that way your tattoo won't get infected. Good look. =)

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    that is a NO, NO to get a tatoo. first it hurts when you get it and you have to spend money to get it. Second it is painful to remove too and the price is really high.

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