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do i smoke to much weed??? read my story and give me your opinion?

i recently thought i smoked to much cause i smoke everyday i go through about an ounce about every week and recently my homeboy got fever and started throwing up because he was smoking and the weed was to harsh then he got me sick so i started throwing up and coughing bad the next day while i was smoking but i kept on smoking and just got a bucket to puke do i have the urge to smoke to much????

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    Personally, I think so. However, is is more subtle then alcohol or other drugs there still is an urge as I observe from having friends that smoke pot. Do to your harsh reaction I would stop for a few days and see if you get better. Well I would stop entirely because it could cause future emotional problems plus it chews through your wallet.

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    Yes you do, it's pretty obvious. Doing anything on a daily basis is too much. Whether it's playing a video game, eating mcdonalds or watching Oprah.

    If you have no goals in life, are lazy and don't have a job like most potheads, you should definitely quit.

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    yer you should definatly cut back on the weed bro

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