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How can I fix my bad short haircut? Help!?

I'm a tall college-bound Asian girl with straight, black hair. Two months ago, I got an awesome haircut that was long and around shoulder-length in the front and short in the back. It was edgy and really cute. Two days ago, I went to a new salon. I asked for a "light trim, same style" and asked to have my hair cut around 2 inches and to my bangs (which were almost cheek-length) cut one inch so I could still side-part them and sweep them to the side. Somehow, something went horribly wrong in translation, and my very specific request turned into "Hell, do whatever you want!"

So now I'm stuck with a short razored bob haircut that's the length of my chin all around (in fact, the front is shorter than the back), and bangs that are cut straight across about a 1/2 inch above my eyebrows. I look like a fuzzy black ping-pong ball.

Help! I've already accepted the length, but can anyone give styling suggestions to change my ugly bob haircut into something cute and more edgy?

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    Fixing super-short and not-how-you-want-it hair is extremely tricky, and you've got to accept it until it grows out more.

    For your short razored bob, I'd suggest taking hair gel and really tugging on the pieces in the front, thus causing them to be a bit edgy and it should give it the appearance as longer. You should do the same to the rest of your hair, but I can't garuntee that it will work, seeing as how people have different head lengths and what-not.

    Your bangs. They're something else. If you have a large forehead, then it won't be hard. Just pull them to the side with maybe a hair clip or a bobby-pin. It won't be all too attractive, maybe, but you won't have bangs that are shorter than you'd like.

    Honestly, everything really depends on head length and hair texture. Since you're Asian, it shouldn't be too hard, but it might take some time.

    Hope I could help. ^__^;

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    Short Razored Bob

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    I would say get some layers, then it wouldnt look so "bobby". Thats what I had done with it. For the bangs, I have no idea because I cut my own bangs. You could always try putting the bangs to the side, and adding the long hair to it maybe if that would work.

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    You can try putting in some hair clue on the ends or hair wax it works good for will give you seperation and some edge...

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    i actually like long and short hair and my hair has gone through the two. but i like longer hair simply because theres more you can do with it

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    super long link will not work... but i like long and short..... but everyone looks different with different styles of hair. some folks look better short others look far better long

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    Go to another stylist, and see if they can find a way to fix it. Good luck :)

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