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How do i become a police detective?

what major i need?, what kind of training i need?, i have to be a police officer first? please help me any information will be good for me

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    To be a police detective one must start out as a police patrol officer. A patrol officer must pay his or her dues before moving up the ranks to a police detective. As spots become available a police patrol officer can test for those positions. Many agencies allow a patrol officer to test after 2 to 3 years with the department. Some departments require 5 years. The promotion from police patrol officer to police detective is not a quick one. Larger departments require applicants to possess 60 units of college credit or an associate degree. Smaller departments may not require college credit but a college education makes for a much more well-rounded police detective. Keep in mind that the higher paying police officer and detective jobs are in more affluent areas and are therefore much more competitive jobs to apply for. Make sure you can set yourself apart from the competition by earning a college degree before applying or during the application process. A college degree will also start you off at a higher salary in any area, affluent or not. The Bureau of Labor Statistics actually states that those applicants with college training in criminal justice or police science should have the best opportunities.

    Now, not to be too much of a wise-guy, but do you really think you have the ability to be an effective detective? I only ask because this information was fully available to you from and that website was the FIRST hit to pop up when I googled 'How do I become a police detective.' Maybe you'd be better off with job more suited to your natural abilities. I suspect a detective (or a successful potential detective) could have found this by themselves.

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    How To Become Police Detective

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    The best aspect of policeman, is that we all came from the lower ranks, in most departments. Just do a good job and be proactive in your policing and you will deserve the position of detective. You received an answer that you had to gain certain positions such as sergeant first but this is not true; it varies from agency to agency but mostly it is from experience on the street.

    Detective work is based on knowledge of how criminals work, contemplate, and coordinate their crimes. They usually do certain things, at certain times, etc. And most importantly, they usually have been bad before, such as in their youth, which if one would look up what they did then, they would find what they are doing now.

    This experience is gained by routine patrol; so, there is you answer! By being a patrol officer, after you go through the academy, for about 3-5 years, you will become a valid police detective. Good luck!

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    You will have to join the police department and become a police officer first. After you've worked your way up the ranks like being a field training officer, making sargeant, then you should have enough time and experience to become a detective.

    Good luck!

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