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new mum with feeding question?

Hi im pregnant with my first at the moment and i feel a little silly asking this question as its prob common knollage but im just buying my bottles getting the avent range and they do 2 diff sizes, a 9 oz and a 4 oz. im guessing i need a 4 oz for my new born? and what age do they go up to the 9 oz? and i have not seen any diff types of teets but does that matter too? the dummies i have bought are for new born i just wounderd if that was the same for bottle teets too? thankyou.

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    I use the avent bottles also. The 4 ounce bottles come with the stage 1 nipple that is meant for 0-3 month. And the stage 2 nipples I believe is up to like 4 months. I'm not sure the exact months (sorry) Anyway, what I did was... Started out with the stage 1 nipples for about a month then used stage 2. Stage 2 comes with the 9 ounce bottles. Make sure you start with the slower flow, and when you go up make sure you pay close attention to your baby as it might be to fast for him/her. You'll know right away. The stage 3 nipple I think says 3+ months. My baby is 4 months old and the stage 3 seems to be to fast for him. I still use both the stage 1 and 2. Both are fine. If its bedtime I use the 1 because it takes a little longer to eat and he can get to sleep better. But, I use the 1s during the days also, what ever I have clean. I use them all, wash and use them all again. Just start with the stage one and works up slowly, you'll be fine. Hope that helps.

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    I have a newborn, and the size of teets u need ae Medium Flow, they will have it n them. My wee girl ate about 2 oz at first, she is now 4 wks and she is still only eating about 3-4 oz and thats on a good feed.

    I bought 9oz bottles so that I could use them for a while because once the baby comes the money gets tighter. You will only need to change your teets every 6-8 wks apparently, but you will receive info on all of that when baby comes.

    I have Tommee Tippee bottles and they are all the one size of teet, think for newborn. You actually get diff bottles that tell you the teet size, and when you buy new teets it will say what size they are.

    If your ever in doubt you can always ask in the shop or at a chemist or ask your midwife.


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    i wouldnt bother with the smaller bottles just go straight for the big ones and with the teats they might come with the bottle if not just get slow flow which should last till 3 months then a medium flow for 3-6 months then 6+ fast flow (i think thats how it goes but it should say on the pack) im not sure as my little one had reflux so got a variable flow (crosscut) one as the formula is thicker .if not to sure ask your health nurse

    as your bubs drinks more the bigger bottles are easier to mix the formula in as ther is more room to shake it .

    oh yeah dont listen to those other people who think you should feed YOUR baby breast milk .Its YOUR BABYand YOU do want YOU want

    yes breastmilk is best but some people just dont realise how hard it can be for especially first time mums or they dont understand that maybe you might not be able to produce enough so just do want you want its your baby afterall not theres

    hope this helped and goodluck

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    I use Avent! Buy th 9 oz, so you don't have to buy a bigger size later on. Most newborns eat around 2 oz.. You will need to start her out w/ the #1 nipple (slow flowing). Then at around 4mos get #2 nipple, then at around 9 mos get #3 nipple.

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    I think baby should be feed with Breast Milk.

    However, if you need to get bottles, see the milk powder instruction. Different brand requires different amount of water and powder. That is the fast gauge for you to get a suitable bottles. Anyway, there is Peristaltic nipples by Pigeon that you may consider.

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    I think baby should be feed with Breast Milk it keeps the baby strong and happy

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