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Presentation Speech HELP!!!!!?

I have a presentation on Eclipses and I have to write a Speech.

And I Am complete novice in this stuff!

Please tell me How do I start it, end it and what to add in between?


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    ok, this will be fairly general:

    -Start with a general overview of what eclipses are (nothing too specific)

    -Make sure you research more than you'll need (unless you have limited time to write this)

    -remember your what, where, why, how etc

    -make a new paragraph for each major point, and try to stick to the format in each paragraph of saying your point, elaborating then providing an exampe or analogy.

    -wrap up with a basic summary of what you said, making sure it isn't just regurgitating the opening

    -Finally, when you present the speech, don't be nervous! Stay calm, breathe slowly, and speak slowly and clearly. Just remember-it's only a speech, and once its done you'll feel good about it.

    Hope this helps!

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    You should start on an introductory sentence like "Hi i'm going to be talking about Eclipses today and here are some of the things I will mention in my speech". Then you add what you're going to mention. I'm in year 6 and I do this stuff all the time.

    In the middle, you should talk about what eclipses are. First you should get the information off the internet (do NOT get it from wikipedia, I repeat, do NOT get it from wikipedia, wikipedia has stuff added on by people and half the information on there is NOT true). Try Encyclopaedia Britannica, it has lots of information, obviously. Anyway, back to the middle of your speech. As I was saying, you should talk about what eclipses are, when they happen, that sort of thing.

    You should end on an ending sentence like "I hope you learned a lot about eclipses and I hope you enjoyed, thankyou for listening". Maybe something similar to that, but it's up to you. After that you should ask if anyone has any questions (ask whoever assigned you to this if you are permitted to ask if anyone has questions at the end of the speech). Questions trigger things that might come in handy in the future like for instance "How long does it take for an Eclipse to happen again?". Make sure you have all the info, in case people do ask questions or if you think your speech might not be long enough. Gain extra information in case one of the audience asks a question that's answer was not mentioned in the speech. Basically, you need to gain all the information that you can, for safety purposes.

    I love helping people out with English and Writing.

    I hope my answer helped you.

    Regards: Christian P

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